05/06/20 – Haywire Hormones

I had really weird dreams that I was on a Star Destroyer that crashed in to another one, and then they kind of sank like the Titanic. I know that it was because I’d been watching Breaking Bad where there’s a plane collision.I also dreamt that my Dad and I were hiding and sleeping out […]

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03/06/20 – Joyriding

I had dead weird dreams, and was up early, but managed my second night’s sleep without sleeping pills. My Mum went out to Tesco for our weekly shop, and I had another lazy morning of Breaking Bad, games on my tablet, and playing the keyboard again. Just before lunch, I watched a video by ‘The […]

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30/05/20 – Swan Lake

I woke up really early, as I do most days now. And had super weird dreams, as I do most nights now. After breakfast, I was really tired, so I had a nap for a bit.As I was falling asleep, I was alone with my thoughts, which is always the most dangerous time. I ended […]

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29/05/20 – Plastic 20’s

I had a weird night’s sleep with more weird dreams. When I was in bed having my morning coffee, my mum came to show me something. A plastic £20 note. We’d had a conversation a few days earlier about plastic money, and I said it was so strange that they still only had paper 20’s. […]

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27/05/20 – Unafraid

When I woke up my Mum was out at the supermarket. I played some more on the keyboard, and had a generally chill morning. In the afternoon, my Dad went out fishing. I was really pleased that he was getting out of the house – it’s weeks since he’s been out – and also doing […]

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