Walking Home

Every week for my MA in Creative Writing, I have to produce a piece of writing, roughly 500 words, with a set brief. This week, we were asked to write about ‘a journey’. This week I have been particularly ragin’. It’s been a difficult week for women. What started with International Women’s Day, quickly descended […]

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I started this blog primarily to document my recovery, yet it’s been a while since I have actually done so! Yes, my last post was about ditching the booze, which is a biggie, but it was largely focused on why I gave it up, not about the benefits or how I did it… So, where’s […]

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Why I broke up with booze

What I thought was one of my best friends, my constant companions, actually turned out to be my worst enemy. I’m not quite sure what triggered it, but back in October 2020 I got to thinking about all of the things that have gone wrong in my life, and realised that most of them were […]

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Do it for YOU!

It’s not about how you look, it’s about how you FEEL! My Dad was an Eating Disorders consultant, and he always used to say to me, when I said ‘I feel fat’, that ‘Fat is not a feeling’. He’s right, but what are feelings are feeling out of breath, feeling cumbersome, and feeling uncomfortable… I […]

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I saw in this year standing on the bar , looking down on the faces of my friends, glass of Barley Wine in hand. I was then lifted down by the man I loved. After a quick 5 minutes of celebrating, I hopped back behind the bar. Once we closed, I cashed up, while the […]

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The Fire

I’d tidied my bedroom, cleaned my bathroom, finished my Christmas shopping, and my parents were putting away the big shop downstairs. I was all ready for the 2020 festive fun, sitting on my bed, watching Lost, and eating chocolate. The doorbell went, which always gets the dog going, so I sprang up to catch him.It […]

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What’s new!

Hey guys! I’ve been a bit quiet recently, so here’s what’s new… I’ve resigned from my job as bar manager. The reason for this is largely related to Covid, but also my Mental Health. More about that later… I withdrew from purchasing the flat in the city, and moved all my stuff out of my […]

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Long time no post

Hey guys! It’s been a while. I’m still ‘shielding’ at my parents house. I’ve spent a lot of time on my own, focusing really hard on getting better and moving forward. I’m guna be totally real with you guys. By taking some time for myself, I’ve managed to distance myself probably too far from my […]

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15/06/20 – The Fens

When I woke up, I made an appointment with my GP for our weekly catch up.I spoke to him about my stomach pains, and he suggested that I increase the medication that I already take to protect my stomach lining. Also, to keep a diary of when it happens – whether it’s around my period, […]

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