13/06/20 – Flare up

The weather was glorious, but I really didn’t feel like going out. I was still so anxious.
My Mum had an optician’s appointment in the afternoon (to get new glasses after she fell on her face that time), so wasn’t going to go walking. My Dad very kindly offered to go in her place, but I still didn’t feel like it.

I was having a lazy day watching ‘The People vs OJ Simpson’, and playing games on my tablet, when at about 4PM I got really intense stabbing pains in my stomach. It wasn’t menstrual – it was my digestive system.
It happens sometimes, but hasn’t happened since I was at work.

It feels like someone is literally stabbing me in the stomach, just above the belly button, and when I straighten my body out, it goes all the way down to my pelvis and round my sides.

I struggled downstairs, and my (ex GP) Mum felt my stomach. She said it was soft, which was a good sign, but clearly really tender. She gave me some Gaviscon and other stuff, which helped the pain die down a bit, but it didn’t go away completely.

I didn’t have any dinner. I felt so nauseous, and in so much pain. Standing up was near impossible. Every time I did, I felt really faint, and my heart rate went through the roof.

My parents said that since mid-week I’ve just looked grey, and that today I was white as a sheet.
They reckoned it was probably an IBS flare up. I was diagnosed with it in my early 20’s.
But I worry it could be a stomach ulcer.
I had one of those in my early 20’s too.

Either way, I just binge watched Netflix and grazed on some breadsticks when I eventually felt like I wasn’t going to throw up.

The timing was perfect though, because Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 5 has just started on Netflix, so that cheered me up a bit.
Otherwise, I felt like an absolute wreck, and really down in the dumps.

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