12/06/20 – ALL CAPS TEXT

I had bad dreams about torture, probably because of all the Breaking Bad I watched the day before.
The weather was grim too, so not off to a great start.

It got even worse when I turned my phone on.

I had a text message from the bar’s landlord, reprimanding me in ALL CAPS, and a couple of missed calls.
I politely replied, saying that I was off sick, and not to contact me personally.
I then sent the message on to the bar, and my managers.
I also ccd in HR after a while, because I really wanted my company to have my back on this, and get the landlord to stop contacting me.
It’s the last thing I need right now.

I felt awful after that.
I felt sick, and I had stomach cramps anyway from my period.
I missed lunch, and spent the afternoon in my room watching a Netflix documentary on Jeffrey Epstein.

The window cleaner came in the afternoon. I closed the curtains, but could still hear him banging away on my windows.
I felt really fucking anxious.

The rest of the day was a bit of a non-day really.
I had dinner.
I finished Jeffrey Epstein and started to watch ‘American Crime Story: The People vs OJ’, which I’ve seen before and really enjoyed.
I watched a bit of TV with my parents.
Then I went to bed.

I felt shit.

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