10/06/20 – Just another day

I had dreams where I had self-harmed my arms, which was really harrowing.
Not a great start to the day.

I had a lazy morning, as it was raining and I just felt a bit blah.

After lunch, I did a ballet stretch class. Afterwards, I didn’t quite feel like it was enough, so I did another one.

Once I’d showered, I did some more writing – trying to get back in to the habit of doing it every day.

I texted one of my friends a bit about what we were having for dinner. It’s so nice to be able to talk to him.
I hardly hear from anyone else. I guess they just don’t know what to say.

As the day went on, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and irritable. I realised that my period was ‘due’ in two days, despite it having been on and off for the last week anyway, so I think my hormones were proper kicking in.

I spent the evening watching Breaking Bad, and joined my parents for The Great British Sewing Bee.
I can’t believe I’ve been here long enough to have nearly watched the whole series of it.

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