09/06/20 – The Ponds

It’s been one week since I’ve done any writing, so the next few entries might be a bit patchy.
It’s not been a great week. I’ve been feeling really physically unwell.
I still am tbh.

It was a nice morning, so my Dad went fishing. I felt somewhat motivated, so I played the keyboard and then did some writing.

I’ve really got out of the habit of writing daily.
It takes so much motivation to sit down and write about what’s going on. Sometimes I just don’t feel like facing it, although I always feel better once I’ve actually done it, which I must remember.

In the afternoon, my Mum and I decided to drive up to the far ends of the woods and explore a bit. It was good to get out, and to see some new scenery.

As we were walking up one of the paths, we bumped in to my sister in law’s mother.
She is such a lovely woman. She sent me a card when I was unwell, and bought me some sweets.
She is family. So, we stood in the path for a while, 2m apart, and I genuinely really enjoyed seeing her.

The main place that we were planning to go was to ‘The Ponds’. It’s one of my favourite places in the woods, but I haven’t been there for over a decade, and it had grown up so much that I barely recognised it.

There were quite a few people, and my Mum was obviously being mindful of that, but I was OK with it. It was nowhere near like the day before.

My Mum asked if I’d like to carry on, or go back to the car. My hay fever was absolutely savage, I was thirsty, and it was really hot, so I said let’s go back.
Today I couldn’t wait to get back to the car, but not because of my mental health, because of my physical health.

On the drive back we passed my sister in law’s mother and gave her a wave. We also drove past a couple of my Mum’s friends, and gave them a toot and a wave too.

I spent the rest of the afternoon taking it easy, had some of my Dad’s home smoked trout for dinner, and then I watched a lot of Breaking Bad in the evening.  

All in all, a fairly decent day.

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