04/06/20 – Burglar Alarm

I woke up early, as I often do these days. I just can’t sleep past 7 or 8ish, even if I try.

My Mum and I decided to go out for a long walk in the morning. My Dad was out fishing, so we did something that we haven’t done since I got back at the start of the lockdown – we locked up the house and set the burglar alarm.
The house has been occupied by someone for the whole time since I was picked up from hospital, which was the day after lockdown began.

My Mum and I walked all the way up to a shooting tower on the other side of the woods, and then out on to the fields where there’s a great view of the next village over.
I went up the shooting tower, and I’m not sure how safe it actually was. I did not trust it.

A result of the driest May on record
Found some beehives

We talked constantly. It was a really nice walk. It was good to get out for a long period of time. I really like going for walks when they have a purpose – a focus. It’s so much better than just walking around in circles on the tracks trying to avoid people.

We didn’t see anyone at all because the end of the woods that we went to is so quiet, and most of it is actually privately owned land.
We were nearly back at the entrance to the woods when I was walking along, checking the path to make sure I wasn’t going to trip over any roots, and all of a sudden there was a little dog face at my feet. Its owner was the only person we saw the whole time, which was great. It’s why I love going in the woods.

On the way down the road back from the woods we saw something we haven’t seen for ages – children in school uniform.
They looked like they were probably in Year 6 – the last year of primary school. They were walking 2m apart as they shared their walk home, bless ‘em. So, they’re obviously doing half days over at my old primary school.

When I got back, my muscles were warm, so I did my splits training.
After that I was utterly exhausted. Our walk was just over 3 miles, and pretty hilly. The ground was also really uneven, so I was constantly trying to keep my balance, which takes it out on your ankles a bit.

My Dad got back, and he’d caught a couple of trout. We told him that we’d locked up the house. He said we obviously weren’t used to it, because on our way back in my Mum had left the keys in the front door. Ha!

I was so tired, so I had a pretty low-key afternoon. I even had a coffee (I only usually have one a day, which is first thing in the morning. It really worked. I did a bit of writing before dinner, and was going great guns, typing like an absolute maniac.

When I went down for dinner, I couldn’t stop talking and my hands were visibly shaking. We were having my Mum’s homemade burgers for dinner, so I did a lot of talking about burgers.
I love burgers.

It was a weird Thursday evening because there was no clap for the NHS. They decided to stop it last week at the 10th one. It had to stop at some point I guess.
There was also no Marigold Hotel, so I spent the evening on my own as opposed to downstairs with my parents. I was still so so tired.

While I was watching Breaking Bad a huge spider crawled ACROSS MY BED!
I managed to get it out of my bedroom, but then couldn’t find it, so wasn’t quite sure if I’d actually got it out. I felt like I was going mad because I’d lost it. Embarrassingly, both of my parents came up to look for it, and I eventually found it out in the hallway.
I just wanted to know that it wasn’t going to crawl back across my bed while I was sleeping. Ugh.

The rest of the evening was pretty unremarkable, and I went to sleep again without any sleeping pills.
They’re definitely done with now.

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