01/06/20 – The day with LOADS of dogs

How the fuck did that happen?

The first thing I thought when I woke up was ‘I’m going out today to see my mum’s friend and the dogs!’.
I was excited, but also pretty nervous.
I haven’t spoken in person to anyone that’s not my parents since I was discharged from hospital at the beginning of lockdown.
That was over 2 months ago.

I spoke to my Doctor for our weekly catch up, and he was pleased to hear that I’ve started rediscovering my hobbies. I said that lockdown lifting has given me some anxiety, and he said to just take one day at a time, not worry about the future, and focus on what’s going on today.
I really like him, and will be sad to lose him when I return to the city.

Again, after breakfast I was exhausted, so I fell back to sleep.

My Mum woke me up, and once I was ready, we set off to her friend’s house.

We walked through streets and jitties that I haven’t been down for years, and let ourselves in to her back garden.

I was greeted by her 10-year-old Airedale Terrier Lottie jumping up to my face level. She’s a proper cutie – dead soft.
And then the puppy came out.

Little Winnie is only 9 weeks old, totally adorable, and totally exhausting. It was nice to see my Mum’s friend too – I’ve known her for decades.

She got me a bottle of water, and once I’d poured it in to a glass the dogs went mental for the empty bottle.

My mum and her friend sat and had a bit of a chat, and I sat on the floor being mobbed by dogs.
It was great.

Little Winnie absolutely loved chewing everything. In particular, soil. I actually had to clean a load off my nose when I got back to the house.

It’s reinforced my want for a dog so much, but I have no idea where to go or where to begin.
I want something that fits me as a first-time dog owner, and also my lifestyle. I need something small, and I’d love to have it from a puppy, but I’m honestly not sure I could do it on my own. Winnie was so fun, but exhausting! It’s like looking after a toddler – having to constantly watch them to make sure they’re not eating something they shouldn’t.

Eventually she got really tired and fell asleep, bless her. She loved the tongues of my shoes so much that I kept running around the garden in backwards circles, making her chase my feet. I successfully tired the puppy out!

That was my job done, so we had a bit of a chat to my Mum’s friend, and then walked back home.

On the way, we bumped in to George and his owners, and he bloody loved me because I smelled of Airedale Terriers. George is a Cockapoo who lives at the end of the road. He’s so friendly and happy. They want to make him a therapy dog cuz he’s such a good boi.

When I got back, I posted some pictures and videos and social media, and shared them with my family. It was good to have a bit of a chat.

Once I finally relaxed, I was exhausted and fucking starving.
I think I’d had a proper adrenaline rush going.
Such a huge day. A huge milestone. Going to someone’s house!

I spent the rest of the day eating and watching Breaking Bad, which I’ve proper got back in to. I forgot how good it was, and it’s been long enough since I watched it that I can’t really remember what happens. So, that’s my new thing.
I really wanted to carry on to American Horror Story Hotel, but I also remember how much it shit me up last time I watched it, and that was when I was sleeping next to my husband at night, so I don’t think I could hack it on my own.

I was so tired that I thought I’d give going to sleep without my sleeping pills a bash, which went OK, but it did take me over an hour to drop off (I know this because I set my sleep sounds on an hour timer, and I was still awake when it turned off).
I did manage it though.

Today was a great day.

4 thoughts on “01/06/20 – The day with LOADS of dogs

  1. The upside of adopting an older dog is they are usually house trained, have had all their vaccinations, and are even more in need of love! Get a miniature schnauzer – they’re hypoallergenic as well as adorable. No shedding to ruin your nice new flat! Xox

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  2. Oh my word, Winnie 😍 I always wanted an Airedale Terrier but having said that Ada and Alan are just fab.
    Having 2 is hard work but they are starting to keep each other more amused now.
    On the Hayfever side. See if you can get Avamys spray from the Dr. It’s radically changed my life. I no longer suffer with the dreaded itchy throat or sneezing.

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