31/05/20 – The day that Coronavirus WASN’T the main headline anymore

I fell asleep relatively easy, but kept waking throughout the night because I had such weird dreams. I even woke myself up a couple of times because I was talking.

I was up early again.
I realised that the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 finale had been the day before, and I hadn’t watched it, so I did that first thing.
I’m not going to spoil it, but I was GAGGED.

In fact, so much so that I turned my phone back on for the first time in ages and texted my girlfriends about it. I had a few messages waiting for me, so I returned some of those.
It felt good to chat to my friends, but I still don’t think the group chats are serving me particularly well atm. It’s just a reminder of how disconnected I am from everything right now.

Before I had lunch, I did a ballet class. I left out the jumping parts, but even just barre and some centre work had me sweating more than I have for ages. It was dripping off my chin. In fact, the last time I sweated that much was on a train back from St Pancras last summer during the immense heatwave, and the aircon was broken. Gross.

I sat naked for a while afterwards. I knew I’d take ages to cool down before I could even think about getting in the shower. I saw my Mum in the garden and gave her a little flash.

My shower was a bit of a disaster because my hair has blocked it, obviously. The water level kept rising, and eventually it overflowed so I had to turn it off halfway through. I ended up washing my face in the sink, and making sure I had conditioner on my hair and shower gel on my body before putting it back on for a quick blast to rinse myself off.

We had bacon for lunch, which was most welcome. I felt absolutely exhausted after an hour of intense ballet. I told my Mum I wouldn’t be going out for a walk with her, I needed to just rest.

We had our weekly family Zoom call in the afternoon.
My brother and sister in law are preparing to go back to school, as they are both teachers. My sister in law sounds like she has it pretty rough. The classes are split in to ‘bubbles’ to minimise contact, and her job is to go between the bubbles to give the teachers a day off so that everyone is just in for four days (including her, thankfully). It’s not just nurses putting themselves on the front line, she and lots of other teachers very much are.

I played the keyboard again a bit before dinner.
My Dad had smoked a chicken in the BBQ and it was awesome. It reminded me of the chickens we used to buy from the market on our summer holidays in France.

I’d had a pretty good day, so decided to spend the evening with my parents. We watched another episode of ‘Paddington’, which lead to me talking about some memorable train journeys I’ve had.
The first was when I woke up in Acton, and I had no idea where that was. I relied on my friend to get us across London and then back to his house in Hemel Hempstead. I legit had the worst hangover ever. At one point I even had to jump off the tube, vomit on the platform, and then get back on the next train.
The second was when I was waiting ages for brunch in Aberdeen, and nearly missed my train by like seconds. And a train from Aberdeen is a big one to miss. I ended up eating my brunch on the train out of a takeaway container with a stolen knife and fork. Pretty sure the woman next to me really appreciated the smell of my chicken and waffles with hot sauce and maple syrup…
There was another time that my husband and I actually did miss a train back from Leeds because Burger King were taking their sweet fucking time with our order. We ran like half a mile, saw the train pull away, and had to wait on the platform for about an hour and a half for the next train while I had an asthma attack from running.
I’ve definitely got some interesting stories to tell from my 20’s…

I stayed downstairs to watch the news, because the main headline WASN’T CORONAVIRUS, it was race riots in the USA. An unarmed black man was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis last week, and the riots are nationwide. The police are using tear gas and rubber bullets and stuff. It’s just mental.
My Dad commented on how people weren’t social distancing, but I said this is what happens when people get cooped up for so long. Unemployment is at an all-time low, fucking Trump is in charge, and this is the straw that broke the camels back. People have all this pent-up aggression from the past few months, they are really pissed, and rightly so.

Before I went to bed, my Mum asked if I’d like to go and see her best friend’s puppy the next day. I said hell yeah.
It will be weird to go out and see someone else, but PUPPY!

I only had a half dose of my sleeping pills again, which is great progress.

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