I stirred at about 6, but managed to pretty much sleep through in to 9:20.


My mum told me it was going to be 26 degrees today, so we decided not to go for a walk in the afternoon, but to do another Joe Wicks workout in the morning instead.
I hated so much walking in the heat yesterday. I cannot stand being too hot.

I had a pretty chill morning, and a bit of breakfast. Then we did the workout.

And my Dad joined in.

It was bloody brilliant.
He did massive claps when he did star jumps, and twatted the lampshade on the ceiling.
I was a bit concerned he might collapse and have a heart attack, but we all made it through.

Afterwards I was really hot, sweaty, and shaky. It genuinely took me hours to recover because I’m so shaky from my meds anyway.

My mum had very kindly bought me some shorts from Sainsbury’s earlier in the week, so I got my legs out.

The tattoo peeking out from my shorts is a big green zombie unicorn with pink and purple hair. My biggest piece, and one of my faves.

The shorts don’t look it in the pic, but they’re fucking huge. My mum said there were only tiny or enormous ones in stock.
I have such a ridiculous figure, just like my mum. My hips are huge (and my boobs), but my waist is really tiny in proportion. So even though they fit OK on my hips, there was literally a 6” gap between my waist and the actual shorts. She agreed to take them in for me.
She’s so sweet. I wouldn’t have even considered buying shorts for myself.

Honestly, I think that one of the reasons she bought them so huge was so that she could take them in, because she insisted on it in the afternoon, and spent an hour in the garden taking them in for me, which she said she really enjoyed.

The rest of the day was pretty unremarkable.
In my notes I’ve written that I had pork for dinner and spent the evening on my own, and it’s a few days later now that I’m writing it up, so I can’t remember too well. Whoops.

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