17/05/20 – Hair dye day

I woke up in the middle of the night, and stretched my arm behind me to stroke my boyfriend’s face, only to be greeted by the cold pillow.
That’s twice now in the last week that I’ve woken up and expected him to be there.

I woke up at 5, but managed to get back to sleep until 9:40, which is the best I’ve slept in ages.

My mum came upstairs while I was playing games on my tablet in bed and asked if I wanted to join her in doing a Joe Wicks workout on YouTube. I was like, well I’m not doing anything else, so fuck it, why not?

I put a bra on (glad I did) and went downstairs to do this workout.

It was designed for super beginners – 30 seconds of activity, then 30 seconds of rest, for 20 minutes.
It seemed fine at the time, but I was aware I’d ache the next day.
Glad I put my bra on cuz I had to do star jumps.

I felt pretty good afterwards. Had a shower and some lunch, and then got on with my productive day.

I re-dyed the green portion of my hair, and while I was waiting for it to work, I cleaned the bathroom.
Two things I’ve been meaning to do for ages. I felt so much better for doing them.

My hair came out pretty well too…

I had to be super careful cuz it’s not my bathroom, and spent ages scrubbing green off everywhere once I was done.
Fucking nightmare.
I’ll be bleeding green out of my head for weeks now.

By then, it was time for a Zoom call with my parents, my brother and my sister in law. It was good to see them. My phone’s still off, so I haven’t spoken to anyone aside from my parents in probably over a week now…

I caught up with some writing after that. I felt like I was on a proper productive roll.

But after that I went in to complete sensory overload.

My Dad was doing a BBQ so we sat outside while he was cooking.
The smoke and the sunlight really bothered me, and afterwards I ended up with loads of corn in my teeth which really got to me. All my clothes felt wrong, everything smelled strong, and the smallest of noises were so irritating.

I think I exhausted myself.

I decided to spend the evening in my room watching Netflix and playing games on my tablet, just having some down time.
But by the time it came to go to sleep, I just wasn’t tired. I was anxious about the next day too…

3 thoughts on “17/05/20 – Hair dye day

  1. Brilliant new green!! I love how new hair dye looks, but not that thing where you get fingers and nails for days! Once when I had blue at the top of my hair I got blue fingers for so long that I had to wear dark blue nail varnish to cover it all up!
    Maybe I touch my head too often…


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