11/05/20 – The day my mum fell over

I woke up wide awake at 3AM after having the most mental dreams.
My ex husband and I were in a car in the car park opposite our old home, and I told him that he was depressed, and that is why our marriage failed, so we decided to give it another shot.
We played Crazy Taxi (know that game?) in a big yellow rollercoaster kind of car, but on real roads. We came up behind one of my friends who is the leader of the Facebook UK Craft Beer Forum, who was with a woman who attends our bottle share at the bar. She was on an electric scooter, going really slow, so we flew off this ramp over them, and went so high that we ended up in an aeroplane.
It was really inconvenient because we were due to attend my husband’s cousin’s wedding. My mum came to pick us up from the airport as soon as we landed, and she had to sweet talk passport control because we didn’t have passports because we hadn’t started out on the flight, we’d just accidentally found ourselves on it.
We went to the wedding, and I kept calling my husband by my ex-boyfriend’s name, which I kept having to apologise for.

I had a glass of water and a bit of a walk around, to shake that all off.

Then I woke up again at 5AM, and really struggled to get back to sleep.

I eventually gave up at about 8:30, and logged on to make my Monday morning appointment with my GP.

I hadn’t even finished counting up my meds by the time he called back. He was pleased to hear that I am doing better, but doesn’t want to dial any of my other meds (I suggested maybe my mood stabilisers) down until I’ve had a prolonged period of stability, which is fair enough.

I mentioned that my phone was off, so I could just focus purely on myself. That made me think though, am I running away from my problems?
Tbh, even if I am, I think that’s OK for now.

I spent the morning in bed watching NEW Drag Race, and playing games on my tablet.

I then had a shower and put some makeup on, which completely exhausted me and left me quite shaky.

After lunch, I went over to the garage to get some more fizzy water (most middle-class sentence ever), and decided that actually contrary to what I had just said to my mum, I would like to go out for a short walk.
So, we set off down the road.

Just to set the scene, my mum is in her 60’s, has 2 fake knees, 1 fake hip, and is probably the most accident-prone person I know…

As we turned on to the main road, she slipped off the pavement, and in to the road. I have never seen a faceplant quite like it. She didn’t fall on to her hands, or her knees, just straight right on to her face.
She lay there bleeding on to the road, while I got a tissue out of her pocket for her. She’d split her lip open, and it was bleeding all over the tarmac, a bit on her jacket, and even on to her hair. She also had a big graze and bruise on her cheek – she’s guna have a right shiner.

I picked up her glasses, her phone, and my mother herself up off the road, and linked her arm as we went slowly back to the house.

When we got back, her and my Dad (both of them are retired Doctors) had a look, and agreed that a steristrip would probably do, and that we could get away with not going to A&E for a stitch (which they almost certainly would have done if we weren’t in Corona times). The split is right on her lip, so it will heal up quickly, and it stopped bleeding once it was properly dressed.
She held frozen peas and a wet cloth on her face. I cleaned the blood out of her hair, and made sure she had everything she needed. Then I sat with her while she patched herself up. At one point I trimmed down a plaster that she had right by her eye. I was shaking, and was like ‘errrr I’m not sure I’m the person for this job!’, and she was like ‘omg you’re right! Stop!’, but I carried on, and I managed it. Ha!

She’s done a real number on her glasses. The lenses are scratched to fuck from the tarmac. I hope that there’s a way to replace them pretty quickly in this state of semi-lockdown.

It could have been much worse though. I’m really glad that she avoided an A&E trip, and that all of her joints and bones are OK. Her face will heal, even though it must be so sore for her right now.

I just wanted to help her as much as I could. Seeing her lying in the middle of the road bleeding everywhere was so upsetting. I just wanted to fix her.

She said she was going to watch an old episode of the Sewing Bee. So, I got her a glass of a water with a straw, and kept her company.

I even turned my phone back on for a bit to text my brother and sister in law to let them know what had happened.

Halfway through the Sewing Bee she got bored (she cannot sit still), so did some ironing while we watched the Prime Minister present the plan for lifting lockdown to parliament.

Today they’re saying that they’re going to quarantine everyone who enters the country (except from France?!) for 14 days, that you can go as far as you want and as often as you want to enjoy the outdoors, and may meet one person from outside your household in the great outdoors – as long as you stay 2 meters away from them. Fuck knows how they’re going to enforce that.
I’m not sure what will be going on with my friends back home now, and their reuniting.
I’m trying not to focus on it too much, and just focus on me (and my mum now too).

People were supposed to be returning to work wherever possible today, but now it’s going to be on Wednesday. But you still can’t use public transport where at all possible. Go figure.
Regarding schools – they’ve said that they’re hoping to get everyone back in for a little bit before the end of the school year.
And regarding hospitality – it’ll probably be at least July until pubs, restaurants and bars will open, and then probably just at 30% capacity. Fun fun fun.

I went upstairs at the point that the opposition leader started to pick holes in the plan.
It was making me anxious, and I thought I’d got the gist by that point. I also felt pretty exhausted after the excitement of the day, so decided to do some writing and get it all out of my system.

We had spaghetti bolognese for dinner out of the freezer, so neither of my parents had to do any real cooking. My mum said that she was starting to feel a bit more shaken up, and that her right side feels pretty bruised.

I spent the evening watching Netflix and playing games on my tablet in my room after all the excitement of the afternoon.
My brother rang up, so we had a bit of a group speakerphone chat about my mum’s accident.
I pointed out that pretty much the second thing she said to me was ‘I think we might have to go back’.
No shit Sherlock.

I had real difficulties getting to sleep. I even ended up having to put Netflix back on for a bit, because I just could not drop off.

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