13/04/20 – Easter Monday trip to Ghost Town

When I woke up, I didn’t feel as good as the day before. I spent the morning playing games on my tablet and doing some writing. I’m still totally obsessed with Merge Dragons.
I wrote my weekly mood report from the mood tracking app that I use – Daylio, which you can find here…https://lucysback.com/2020/04/13/weekly-mood-report-06-04-20-12-04-20/

During the day I felt generally lower than the day before, and pretty irritable – particularly with noises.

My mum and I decided to go for a walk towards the town centre, seeing as it was Easter Monday and likely to be really quiet. We planned to go in to the park, but ended up going right in to the town centre, and it was creepy AF.

All of the shops were closed (except for Boots – which gave us a proper fright when the doors sprang open). It felt like walking through a film set, or at a theme park, where there are all these shop fronts, but there’s nothing actually behind them.
Most of the shops in our town are independent businesses, and although there was the odd place with a corporate sign in the window like HSBC bank, there were so many heartbreaking handwritten notes in the doors from business owners. Half of them probably won’t survive this.

The dentist

Because it was open, my mum went in to Boots to pick up a prescription. I went in at first, and it was so strange.

Everyone was wearing masks, there were huge signs everywhere to keep 2m apart, and they were restricting the store to 3 customers at a time. There were also these huge screens between us and the tills. My mum says it’s the same in the supermarkets too – I haven’t been myself.
I waited outside for her eventually, and people kept asking me if I was in the queue and how many people were in the shop.

The park was creepy too.

Lots of signs about keeping 2m apart, and a PCSO car parked up to make sure no one was ‘gathering’. There were also signs on the playground saying not to use the equipment.

We agreed not to go back to town for a walk again. It’s too unsettling.

When I got back, I played some Sudoku and watched the news because I’m middle aged apparently.
My favourite section was this part called ‘YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED!’, and the answer to the first question was ‘I don’t know’.

For dinner we had super spicy fajitas with jalepenos (I’ve missed jalepenos!), and then I spent the evening watching Drag Race and eating far too much chocolate to the point where I felt sick and got palpitations.

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