Weekly Mood Report 06/04/20 – 12/04/20

ICYMI, Daylio is my mood tracking app, which I use every hour or two to log how I’m feeling and the activities I have been partaking in. There are 5 different mood states…
Bright Green = Great
Light Green = Good
Yellow = Fine
Orange = Bad
Red = Awful

You can see last week’s here…

The data on the left is W/C 30/03, and on the right W/C 06/04.

I had more ‘orange’ days, but then the ‘green’ day that I had yesterday made up for it. My average mood score has gone from 2.5/5 to 2.8.
There’s a trend over the past couple of weeks that my mood has been increasing by 0.3 each week, so let’s see if I can get to 3.1 this week, which is actually my record weekly highest since my crisis began.

Daily moods – WC 06/04

Pretty much in the middle for the most of the week, dipping down in to ‘red’ when I saw the picture of my ex on Friday night, and then rocketing in to loads of ‘green’ for some reason on Sunday.

Again, the data on this chart shows WC 30/03 on the left, and WC 06/04 on the right.

Significantly more ‘green’ moods than last week. On Sunday alone, I logged 9 ‘green’ moods, which is 3 x more than I had the whole week before. Still haven’t logged any ‘bright green’ great moods since the day I was discharged and was like ‘OMG CARPETS PLATES NON-PLASTIC BEDS!’.
Also significantly less ‘orange’ bad moods, which is great.

Tl;dr My mood seems to be improving, but the data is skewed slightly from one particular good day I had on Sunday. Only time will tell whether that was an anomaly or a legitimate step up.

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