11/04/20 – Easter Sunday

When I woke up, I felt good.

I spent ages playing this game that I downloaded yesterday called ‘Merge Dragons’, where you merge things together, including dragons, obviously. Not really sure what the whole point of it is, but it’s really addictive.

I got ready, did some writing, and played games on my tablet until it was lunchtime. I told my parents all about Tiger King and we had a bit of a laugh. I think it’s probably the most I’ve spoken in weeks.

After lunch, instead of walking in the woods we went to the top of a hill nearby, which has a great view of the town and the fens.

We found a shooting ladder and a shooting hide, and I went up/in them respectively.

We also found some Easter eggs tied to trees, which was really bizarre cuz it’s such a quiet area – basically just a field.

On the way back in to town, I pointed out a sign that the council have put up about social distancing, and my mum managed to walk right down the middle of the A161. Because all of the shops are closed on Easter Sunday, and people have been told not to drive to do their exercise, technically the only people on the road should have been essential workers and those caring for others, so there was literally zero traffic around.
It’s such a strange time.

I told my mum I was feeling good, and that I wasn’t sure whether it was because I was doing new things (Merge Dragons & Tiger King), or whether the medication is finally starting to kick in. Only time will tell.

When I got back, I spent some time in my room, and then played Sudoku while watching the news in the living room.
Easter Sunday was weird because of the virus. On the news they showed the Vatican, completely deserted, with only the Pope and a couple of others in the whole of St Paul’s basilica. They also showed the Archbishop of Canterbury doing his sermon in his kitchen. He was just standing there with loads of cookery books behind him, and with a couple of candles in front of him. I’m pretty sure he could have found a better place to do it with a nicer backdrop, it was just so funny. A church in Manila had also found a way to ‘bring the congregation together’ by sticking pictures of them on the pews, which was weirdly sombre.

Had a nice chat to my parents before dinner, and then we had roast beef, which was epic.

I was really excited to spend my evening watching Tiger King. It was totally absorbing again, but got a bit more depressing rather than comedy as it got towards the end. Have to think about what to watch next.

There was a thunderstorm during the evening, which was insane. My parents and I watched it for a bit, and my mum had this app up which shows where the lightning is striking (God knows how), so kept saying ‘oh that one was over the village, oh that one was on the A15!’ etc.

As the evening ended, I felt ‘ok’ rather than ‘good’. Probably because I was tired, and I knew that sleep time was coming.
But all in all, a pretty decent day. My worries which have been troubling me up until now just didn’t feel as pertinent somehow.

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