A bit about me

My name is Lucy, I am 33, and I live in the UK.
I have a great job running a craft beer bar in a city centre, have lots of friends, and had a beautiful relationship until fairly recently.
After separating from my husband in 2018 I have lived on my own in a rented city centre flat, and am currently in the process of buying my dream home, also a city centre flat.
I have bright green hair. I like glitter, faux fur, leopard print, unicorns, and wearing ridiculously outlandish items.
Some of my favourite things are chicken, hot sauce, McDonald’s, imperial stouts, and good coffee.
I’m a fairly basic bitch, a thicc girl, loud and proud, and a big fan of oversharing.

I suffer from mental health issues, namely BPD, PTSD, and currently, depression. It has played a huge part of my entire adult life.
I take numerous medications, and am still trying to find that fine balance.

Recently I’ve gone through a series of life changes which led to a mental health crisis, and eventually my admission to a psychiatric hospital on the 15th of February 2020.
I stayed in hospital, receiving psychological therapy, until I was suddenly discharged on the 24th of March, due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
I am currently staying with my parents in the rural countryside.

This is my journey to recovery.

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