Things I can’t get over

I’m back at my parents house now. Here are some tiny things that have absolutely blown my mind.

Plates that aren’t plastic


Knives that cut things


How many things there are – on the walls, on the shelves…

Stairs (I didn’t realise that I haven’t used any stairs in 5 weeks)

Drinking out of a glass

Drinking out of a mug

Toilet seats

The fact that I automatically knock on a door to get my parent’s attention

This non-plastic double bed that I’m in

Knowing that no one is going to check on me while I’m sleeping tonight

Having free access to all my things (except for the entire drawer of clothes that I left in hospital…)

It’s been a rough day, but atm I’m just amazed with having this freedom and being able to do all this cool stuff.

I’m sure that will wear off soon, and I’ll have a big dip in a few days, but this is something I can discuss with THE CRISIS TEAM when they come to visit me in the morning, and we put a plan together for my future care.

Stay safe everyone x

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