Weekly Mood Report 09/03/20 – 15/03/20

Time for my weekly mood report analysis!

You can see last week’s here…


ICYMI, Daylio is my mood tracking app, which I use every hour or two to log how I’m feeling and the activities I have been partaking in. There are 5 different mood states…
Bright Green = Great
Light Green = Good
Yellow = Fine
Orange = Bad
Red = Awful

The data on the left is W/C 02/03, and on the right W/C 09/03

So, my mood is gradually on the rise.
I have gone from an average of 2.3 out of 5 to 2.6, which takes me from an average of ‘orange’ moods to ‘yellow’ moods.
Definite progress in that respect.

Daily moods – WC 09/03

My moods were fairly consistent Monday & Tuesday, and then started to go a bit all over the place as the week went on. There were 2 days where I got a full house – all the way from ‘bright green’ to ‘red’ moods within a single day.
The worst day was Wednesday, when my appointment with the APIP (psychologically trained) nurse was messed around, ended up not happening, and I had to postpone a visit from a friend.
The best day was the Thursday, when my appointment actually ended up taking place. I also saw my mum, went to the shop, and took part in a jewellery making workshop.

Again, the data on this chart shows WC 02/03 on the left, and WC 09/03 on the right

I logged less ‘bright green’ moods, less ‘red’ moods, but more ‘light green’, ‘yellow’ and ‘orange’ moods – so definitely sitting more around the middle kind of area, rather than consistently super bad or super good.

Tl;dr my average mood has generally increased, but my daily moods are a bit more up and down than the week before.

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