Happy Birthday To My Mum!

My mum is one of the most wonderful people in the world.
She is maybe even the most wonderful person in the world.

She is kind.
She is smiley.
She is positive.

My friends all love her, and get so excited when she’s in town.
Sometimes I think they like her better than me!

She was so well respected when she was a GP in our hometown. She still is. She can’t walk more than a few metres without someone saying hello to her. She always used to receive so many Christmas gifts; from chocolates and flowers to random jars of homemade piccalilli.

She has such a wide circle of friends. They meet at a café every week for a catch up, and she never misses it. They are always going for drinks, meals, the cinema, and they’ve even been on holiday together a few times.

She always took my brother and I on ‘adventures’, which would sometimes be on a holiday, or just to go to a supermarket in another town. When we were at home, she would always make sure there were activities for us to do, like getting the paddling pool out in the summer, or tipping all the Lego out on to the living room floor.

We never went without.
Our birthday parties were always well planned, with cakes that she’d made (one of my favourites being a brown rock with an icing mermaid tail on, and the torso of my Ariel barbie doll coming out of the top) and loads of games organised.

She held down a part time job as a partner at her GP surgery the whole time that she raised us.

She truly is an inspiration.

Now she’s retired, she has numerous hobbies, including sewing and cycling.
She always makes time for them, and they are purely for her – my Dad takes absolutely no part in that portion of her life. She will regularly travel for an overnight stay so that she can partake in a sewing workshop.

She has 2 fake knees, and 1 fake hip. Her joints are arthritic, and she was in so much pain for so long. She probably still is. She’s fairly young too – a few years off drawing her pension yet.
The whole time that she was waiting for her ops, you could tell it was getting her down, but she never let it dampen her optimistic spirit. She also didn’t let it stop her love of cycling, once she recovered.

While I’ve been unwell, she has been there every step of the way. Her and my Dad made several unforeseen trips over to see me, and they live about an hour and a half away.
When I was in A&E after my first overdose, they were there at the drop of a hat, and when I was sure that my partner was going to leave me, they travelled over to be there to take me home with them if I needed to get out of the city. They waited for our conversation to end for four hours, just hanging around pubs in the area, awaiting my text.
When I was in A&E after the events that led to my admission, both her and my Dad stayed all night. She went for a quick nap on the back seat of the car, but aside from that, they never left my side.

She’s seen me go through some shit – no parent should ever have to see the things that she has.
She’s seen me get handcuffed on her kitchen floor, be restrained by numerous A&E staff, and she even tried to hold me back herself when I kept running in to traffic.

I have put her through absolute hell, and even though I didn’t do any of it on purpose – I have been so unwell – I am still so sorry.

But she’s still here. Both of my parents are.
She hasn’t abandoned me.
She knows that I have only been the way I am because I am unwell, and I need all the support I can get.

She has come over at least twice a week to visit me, even though it’s a 5 hour round trip. It’s her birthday today, and she has insisted on my Dad coming over to support me during my Ward Round (meeting with the doctors).

She has kept me topped up with everything I need, from makeup to new underwear, and done all of my laundry for me. She has been on a couple of scavenger hunts around my flat to find the things that I need, and she’s always come back with everything. She topped up my electricity for me, did my dishes, and threw away all of my perishable food. She has bought me my post, including numerous numerous numerous packages, and even gone to the post office to return some items for me.

She is such an inspiration.
I really hope that when I am her age, I have a life as wonderful as hers – surrounded by friends, exuding kindness, optimism, and enriching my life with things that I enjoy for myself.

Happy birthday to you. I can never repay you for everything you have done for me.

PS. I got you a card, but it won’t arrive until tomorrow. Sorry.

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