Weekly Mood Report 02/03/20 – 08/03/20

I must have missed it last Monday because, ya know, the love of my life broke up with me. But it turns out Daylio does a weekly report for you.

ICMYI, Daylio is a mood tracking app that I use. I tend to enter how I’m feeling and what I’ve been up to every hour or two, so I can gain more insights in to my moods and what activities are good/bad for me.

The data on the left is W/C 24/02, and on the right W/C 02/03

You can see that the week before my mood averaged out at 3.1/5, whereas this week just gone it was 2.3/5.
I got the crap news on Monday, so that was obviously my lowest day of the week. Then I had a few days where I improved. I definitely hadn’t processed the news properly. I still don’t think I have tbh. But once I began to gradually realise what had happened, my mood dipped again.
The general trend is down atm.

Daily moods WC 02/03

The downward trend is further shown in this chart, which is a daily breakdown of my moods. I woke up ‘yellow’ on Monday, then rapidly declined in to red.
I improved through to Thursday, when I even had a few ‘bright green’ moods where I felt amazing. Then the weekend got crap.

It’s interesting to see how rapidly I can cycle through my moods throughout the day. I can be feeling fucking fab at one point in the day, and then dip all the way down to feeling shite. BUT the days where I had bright green, I didn’t have any bright red at all.
If you compare to the week before (WC 24/02)…

Daily moods WC 24/02

My moods were all over the place during this particular week. I could go from bright green to bright red in a single day.
So, it seems that my moods swings are stabilising generally on a day to day basis.

Again, the data on this chart shows WC 24/02 on the left, and WC 02/03 on the right

Proportionately, the biggest change is that I only had 3 bright green moods this week, whereas I’d had 20 the week before. I also had less light green moods, but significantly more yellow, orange, and red.

Tl;dr my mood is more consistent, but generally very low, and the trend shows it is currently in decline.

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