Example of a PTSD nightmare

Warning, bit of a grim oversharing read.

I was pregnant. My ex agreed to stay with me if it was his. But honestly, how could it be? We’ve not seen each other for weeks.

Transpires that it wasn’t. It was an alien.

I gave birth to it in a lift, and I felt everything. It had a baby sized head, but really really long limbs with bobbles on the end.

I experienced the exact same sensation as when I had my induced miscarriage – that feeling of something falling out.

Now I’m awake, I feel really emotionally fragile, but can also feel the occasional twinges in my womb.

I’m not due on my period, but I’m going to wear a tampon today anyway. If there’s even a chance of me coming on, I know the blood will send me completely over the edge.

And that’s what it’s like to have a true PTSD flashback.

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