Things I will never take for granted ever again

The ability to walk outside whenever I want. Even if it’s raining or cold.

Nature – seeing a bird, or a cat, or a tree.

Fresh air.

Mattresses that aren’t plastic.

Double beds.



Sleeping in whatever position I want.

Having the choice to sleep with the lights off.

Toilet seats (yup, no toilet seats).

Toilet brushes.

Being able to clean the bathroom whenever I want.

Having a shit or a shower without being interrupted by someone checking you’ve not topped yourself.

Being able to have a long shower without an alarm going off and the water supply cutting out.

Not hearing constant phones ringing/doors beeping and banging/people talking.

Good toilet roll.

Grabbing myself some painkillers, rather than having to queue for up to 20 minutes.


All my belongings.

Full length mirrors.

My family.

My friends.

The amazing people I work with.

My job.

Even having a shit day at work.

Diet Fritz.

Sitting at the end of the bar with my pals, having a beer.


Bumping into someone I know.

Good coffee.

Hot sauce.

Nando’s. Or Bunk. Just chicken, chicken in general.


Cooking a meal.

Cheese on toast.

Cans of pop.

Being able to get hot water whenever I want.

Not having to walk through a room of people to get a glass of water.



Free access to my makeup.

Being able to lock my own door, rather than having to ask someone to do it for me.

Sleeping naked. Or just being anywhere naked for that matter.


Decent Wifi.


And I would say my love, but there has genuinely never been a single day that’s gone by that I haven’t been in absolute disbelief that I found the most perfect person in the whole world.
I know that’s super vomit inducing, but it is no word of a lie.

2 thoughts on “Things I will never take for granted ever again

  1. Thank you for letting us follow your progress and journey. I’m so moved by what you are sharing. I know it’s so difficult and I know you are amazing. Sending love and hugs.

    God bless and keep you dear lady. xp


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