Bye bye bed space

I am being moved to another hospital this afternoon, and I am unbelievably anxious about it.

Reasons I’m being moved…

  • They’re re-doing the roof in our dorm on Monday.
  • The ward I’m going to has the specialist 1:1 therapy that I need.
  • There are no dorms – single rooms with ensuites.
  • Only 8 patients on the ward.
  • It’s back in my city, rather than an hour away.

Reasons I’m terrified of being moved…

  • I like the patients here.
  • I’ve heard rumours about some of the patients there being scary.
  • I like the staff here.
  • I feel settled, and I know the routines.
  • I was here for a month 7 years ago, and it was really good.
  • I actually like being away from the city.
  • I’m worried that they’re going to discharge me too early. I cannot go back to my flat. I can’t even be at my parents. I can’t stay safe in the community.

The positives technically outweigh my negative worries, but I am so so scared and really anxious.

I’m all packed and they’re just calling a taxi for me now. There was this big hoo ha about how I was going to get there, as they didn’t have enough staff to send someone with me. But I can’t keep myself safe out in the community atm, so I phoned my Dad and he got really angry – said I had to make someone go with me. Now someone’s coming on shift early to take me and I feel really guilty about it, even though they keep telling me not to.

Will post when I get there.

2 thoughts on “MOVING DAY

  1. Love you Luce, this blog is going to help so many people deal with what you’re going through. You’re the best Luce Troop xxxx


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