Memes and pictures that I have found on the gram

I honestly find memes so helpful. They make me think OMG I’M NOT THE ONLY PERSON WHO FEELS THIS WAY and helps me to realise that I’m ill, not just a freak.

So here’s a brief insight in to my mind…

OVERSHARE OVERSHARE OVERSHARE EVERYTHING! But how I’m actually feeling? Nah. Just disappear for a few days.
Wouldn’t that be beautiful?
Mmmmm, the delicious taste of self-destruction.
(FP = favourite person)
And honestly, yes. So so yes.
All consuming, heart pounding, stomach churning, phone staring.
Cannot relate more.
Non-working Lucy = useless Lucy.
Please reassure me and I’ll be fine. Promise. K?
My friend sent me this, and it makes perfect sense.
Thank you to everyone who has done this.

Will update later with how my first day was. Off now to do some arts & crafts or some bollocks.

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