My stay at a Section 136 facility


Short lived, but savage nonetheless.

What is a Section 136??…..

Section 136 gives the police the power to remove a person from a public place, when they appear to be suffering from a mental disorder, to a place of safety. Then they are assessed by a Dr.

So yeh. No beds in the county, so this was the only bed available.

The door is metal, like a prison, with a huge lock on it.

There’s CCTV all over the room, and the bathroom door doesn’t close.

Everything is tied down/super safe.

And there’s a man in the corridor going FUCKING MENTAL about not having his phone. Keeps smashing doors, screaming, and trying to get in my room. FUN FUN FUN!

Oh, and I still don’t have my possessions because they have to safety check them.

Thankfully, they’ve found me a bed on the ward I was in last time in 2013. I’m moving tonight.

SO LONG HELL HOLE! I have never felt more like I am in a prison. Grim grim grim.

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