A bit about me

My name is Lucy, I am 33, and I live in the UK.I have a great job running a craft beer bar in a city centre, have lots of friends, and had a beautiful relationship until fairly recently.After separating from my husband in 2018 I have lived on my own in a rented city centre […]

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27/05/20 – Unafraid

When I woke up my Mum was out at the supermarket. I played some more on the keyboard, and had a generally chill morning. In the afternoon, my Dad went out fishing. I was really pleased that he was getting out of the house – it’s weeks since he’s been out – and also doing […]

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26/05/20 – Keyboard

When I woke up, my eyes were still stinging from how much I’d cried the night before. I went downstairs for my morning coffee my Dad was having his breakfast, so I sat with him for a bit. We looked out at the cows and pointed out this poor little white thing that was covered […]

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22/05/20 – Ballet

I slept through again, which was nice. When I woke up, I realised it was a bank holiday weekend, so I should probably make a telephone appointment with my GP to get my meds in order for next week. My usual GP wasn’t in, so I made an appointment with my second choice Doctor, who […]

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